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Central Vacuum Cleaner: Handy And Convenient

Don’t you hate how every time you feel like vacuuming you have to lug out this huge apparatus just to get the job done? Vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky and the cord always gets wrapped around something. Now, there’s an alternative to the bulky vacuum cleaner and that’s the central vacuum cleaner. A central vacuum cleaner uses a powerful motor that’s at some location in your house. When I was growing up, our central vacuum cleaner was in our basement. We then connected a hose to one of the many ports that were scattered throughout the house. The port had a cover that worked on a hinge. You simply lift the cover on the port, plug in the hose and then you vacuum that particular room. We were able to vacuum our entire house using these ports and we never had to lug one heavy vacuum cleaner anywhere.


Central Vacuum CleanerThere are some limitations that one could only realize from having a Central Vacuum Cleaner at some point in their lives. For one, if you ever suck something up that you didn’t intend to, you’ll have a heck of a time finding it again. With a conventional vacuum, you can simply open it up to retrieve whatever the object may be. With a central vacuum cleaner, you have to make a trip to the basement, or wherever your central vacuum cleaner base is located, and you had better hope that whatever it was, if you want it back, didn’t hit the fan.

Another limitation is that the hoses usually aren’t big enough to reach multiple rooms. For this reason, we had ports located in pretty much every room. If you don’t have enough ports, you may not be able to clean your entire house.

The upside to a central vacuum cleaner is, of course, no heavy equipment to lug around. Plus, the sucking power is greater, so you have more of an opportunity to get your carpet spotless. The hose is usually bigger, too, than conventional vacuum cleaner hoses. That means that you can get bigger objects that you normally couldn’t get with your traditional vac. There’s less chance that it will get clogged, either.

In my opinion, a central vacuum cleaner is far superior to a traditional vacuum cleaner. There’s no equipment to lug around and you have more flexibility to go where you need to go. Just make sure that you don’t use it to suck up a gerbil, as my cousin did to my little brother’s gerbil when we were kids. The good news is that the gerbil made it. We were able to yank the hose from the wall in time. The gerbil did manage to reach the fans, however. When we found him a day later in the kitchen, the poor thing had a reverse Mohawk. All the hair had been shaved away. The gerbil, however, was fine, just a little scared, I’m sure.