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Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners

Dirt Devil makes a wide assortment of products for specific chores. The cordless broomvac for quick hard surface cleanups, Upright Vacuums, Canister Vacuums, Hand held vacuums great for cleaning the car and many more Dirt Devil vacuum products that make cleaning fast and easy.

The newest addition to the Dirt Devil Family is the Dirt Devil Kone. The Kone is a handheld cordless vac that doubles as a very fashionable table lamp. The beauty is you can leave your hand held vac within easy reach for fast cleanups and it really works. Great for a quick car vacuum and perfect for stairs. It has the suction power you need to clean up those little messes with an easy to empty dust cup. No muss, no fuss! It comes all assembled, just needs an initial 24 hour charge and your ready to go.