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The Advantages of a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Emer BD210 Michelangelo Drum Barrel Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Silver/Blue

Emer BD210 Michelangelo Drum Barrel Wet / Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, Silver/Blue

All Emer commercial vacuum cleaners come with a two-year motor warranty. They are a perfect solution for both dry and wet vacuum applications for the industrial or office workplace. The "dry" commercial units have extraordinarily powerful motors and capacity. The "wet" vacuums are perfect for water spills in garages and basements. No other commercial vacuum offers such power and flexibility for such a reasonable cost. Wet / Dry Insert. All Chrome Anti-Rust Constructions. Blower function. 360 degree rotating hose. Paper Cartridge filter. 2 Year warranty.

Everyone knows that a vacuum cleaner is generally the best tool for cleaning floors. From everyday household dust to jobs of a bigger size, a vacuum cleaner can keep your floor spotless. But what about the really heavy-duty jobs? For jobs that are too much for an ordinary vacuum cleaner, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner may be needed.

What Is a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner, sometimes also called a shop vac, is really just what it sounds like – a vacuum cleaner that cleans wet and dry messes. More specifically, it differs from a normal vacuum cleaner by being a little simpler in its design. Whereas household vacuum cleaners use bags or tanks to hold what they vacuum up, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner simply has a tub. This tub is generally on wheels and has the vacuum motor sitting on top. Debris is picked up through a hose and dropped into the tub, which can be emptied by simply removing the motor and vacuum from the top of it.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are generally not meant for cleaning the floor of an entire house. They usually lack the necessary attachments, rollers and other hose endings needed for the diversity of a whole-house job. Instead, they may have only a hose with a plain open end. Their strength lies in the wide range of things that they are able to pick up. Since the vacuumed debris is simply dropped into the tub and does not go through a complicated path within the vacuum, almost anything can be cleaned up with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Their heavy-duty engines are unaffected by even large amounts of water traveling through the vacuum. Many people recommend using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck up water from carpet after a basement has flooded, for example.

Other Uses of a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Many industrial needs can be met by one of these machines. For this reason, many professionals include them in their arsenal of tools and would be lost without them. For example, contractors and home builders can often use wet and dry vacuum cleaners to quickly and easily clean up their mess after doing work in someone’s home. When a heavy duty mess needs a quick and easy cleanup, this is the way to go.