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The purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to help keep your house clean and blowing dust and dirt back into the air defeats the purpose. That is where a Vacuum Cleaner Filter does its job and the better the filtering system, the cleaner your house will be.

A vacuum cleaner works by a motor drawing air into the machine, usually through a hose of some sort, creating suction on the area of floor the vacuum head contacts. The air is then drawn into a container where the dirt is separated from the air and stored. Typically the air passes through a vacuum cleaner filter to trap the dirt before it is released back into the air.

When vacuum cleaners were first developed, they used a cloth bag, trapping the dirt inside, but the pores of the cloth were too large to capture smaller bits of dirt and dust and filter bags were developed to work as a vacuum cleaner filter, trapping most of the dirt inside. As time passed, a vacuum cleaner filter was designed to hold up to 90 percent of the dust, which was usually sufficient under most circumstances.

Vacuum Cleaner FilterAttention Turned To Allergy Sufferers

It did not take people with allergies to realize that while they vacuumed, pollen, dust mites and other small allergens were being kicked up and spread throughout their home by their vacuum cleaner. They needed a vacuum cleaner filter that would keep in even the smallest particles to help alleviate their suffering.

Additional technology designed vacuum cleaner filters that would filter particles small enough to remove 99 percent of the dust, but that still was not stopping all allergens from being blown about the house. Additional filtering techniques were going to be needed to solve this problem.

A second filter was then installed to work in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner filter, often referred to as a HEPA filter which has been effective in removing up to 99.7 percent of the dust, but more importantly, it was found to eliminate particle as small as .1 micron, eliminating virtually all dust and pollen that can have an effect on allergy sufferers.

The issue then became that with the extra filtering, more powerful motors were needed to draw the air through tighter vacuum cleaner filter systems, or a re-routing of the air to maintain a high level of suction while increasing the filtering capability. Many have solved this by bringing the air into a bagless chamber where is passes through a first line filter and then is passed through a HEPA filter before passing back into the room’s air. This has allowed vacuum cleaner to maintain their power while providing cleaner air.

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