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Why Should I Use Vacuum Cleaner Bags ?

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It seems more and more vacuums are going bagless but could vacuum cleaner bags actually be a better choice for you? While bagless often seems more convenient and clean it may not be as good as you think it is.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags Hold More

A normal bagless vacuum holds a few cups of dirt and has the ability to clog rather easily. If you are not doing any heavy duty cleaning this might be a good choice but for the average family you will find yourself emptying the bag less container after every cleaning day. A vacuum cleaner bag depending on how often you vacuum and how much dirt you have require fewer changing’s.

Isn’t A BagLess System Cleaner?

This is a common misconception about the bagless system. A system that does not require vacuum cleaner bags is not generally cleaner. In order to empty the container the user will generally come in direct contact with the dirt. If you empty the container in your kitchen trash can the particles from the dirt and dust end up in the air of your home once again.

A bag takes a little more effort to change but it contains the dirt inside of the bag and off of you. If you don’t follow the instructions and change it properly or when it is full then a vacuum cleaner bag has the possibility of becoming messy and returning the dirt into the air but when done properly it is actually a cleaner option for most people.

There was a time that most systems that required a vacuum cleaner bag did not have HEPA filters and other options that kept airborne dust particles out of your home but that has changed. Now many brands and models come with both a HEPA filter and a vacuum cleaner bag. Many vacuum cleaner bags are now made to help eliminate many allergens from getting into the air.

Many think that changing a vacuum cleaner bag is difficult but if you read the directions and follow them accordingly it can be rather quick and easy with little to no mess at all. If you are looking to purchase a vacuum do not discount a good one simply because it uses vacuum bags. Look at all aspects of the unit and decide if it has features that will be functional in your home and then make your decision.

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Vacuum Cleaner Bags