Vacuum Cleaners

Steam Vacuum Cleaner Puts Heat On Dirt

Many believe the best method of removing deep-down dirt and stains is to use steam heat to loosen it and then sweep up the remains. Those who own a steam vacuum cleaner are, for the most part, extremely happy with the results they have been seeing.

When it comes to determining which make and model will perform the best, you will probably have to rely on friends or relatives who own one, as comparison reports by consumer agencies either do not actually compare different models, as opposed to reviewing one unit, or they have nor looked at home steam vacuum cleaner in a long time.

If you are looking at steam cleaning your carpets, you really have three choices. You can buy one, you can rent one or you can contract a commercial steam vacuum cleaner company to do the work for you. There is little argument that a commercial steam cleaner can do a great job on your rugs, but many will balk at the price. Believing they can do as good a job for less money, they head to the grocery store and rent a machine and but their supplies.

Unfortunately, the steam vacuum cleaner often available for rent may have worked well when it was new, but the many people handling it and almost cleaning it when they were done, has left them way behind the professional cleaners. Additionally, the shampoos and other chemicals often sold to be used with a rental steam vacuum cleaner are priced higher that residential cleaners often available.

Home Units Making Huge Impact

While many of the residential steam vacuum cleaners sold for home use are actually quite good, the biggest drawback to present is the amount of storage space they require and the cleaning they will need following each use. Reviews have noted that people have been pleasantly surprised about the amount of dirt they can extract from a carpet the owner believed was clean.

A person who really wants a clean carpet and is willing to spend the money to buy a steam vacuum cleaner, as well as the time it will take to do the job right, buying your own steam vacuum cleaner can be a good investment. However, remember you will not be using it everyday and depending on how often you plan to use a steam vacuum cleaner on your carpets, it may be a good investment over time.

McCulloch MC1860 3-in-1 Steam Vacuum Cleaner , Vacuum Cleaner & Steam Vacuum Extractor 1350W Steam, 800W Vac, 15oz. H2O Tank, Water Filtration, 12 Accessories

McCulloch MC1860 3-in-1 Steam Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner & Steam Vacuum Extractor 1350W Steam, 800W Vac, 15oz. H2O Tank, Water Filtration, 12 Accessories

With this powerful new McCulloch Steam Vacuum, you can clean, sanitize and vacuum any surface in and around your home and garage. Use it to clean your BBQ grill, your car engine and wheels, your kitchen floor, your bathroom, your outdoor furniture. There are so many use of the MC1860, you’ll never run out of applications. Pet areas, tile, furnace filters, car floor mats, and the list goes on and on. Its 1350 watts of steam power blasts through dirt and grime, while its 800 watts of vacuum power simultaneously pick up the debris. With 12 useful accessories and a 15-oz water capacity, you can steam clean any number of surfaces. Its unique water filtration system keeps dirt from being released back into the air when you vacuum. Steam and vacuum simultaneously. Water Filtration Chamber. 3 modes: Vacuum only, Steam only, and Steam+Vac. Helps eliminate dust mites and other allergens. Use it outdoors on BBQ grills, garage and patio furniture. Steam away stains from upholstery, car and trunk mats. Vacuum up spills and messes (holds up to 15 oz of water). Steam control switch. Steam ready light. Combination of wheels and casters for easy movement. 12 usefull accessories.