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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Puts Fun In Housework

Many times people have eyed new inventions and commented about wishing it could do housework as well. Having a robot vacuum cleaner is no longer just a dream or a character in a futuristic cartoon, the Roomba is real and it is here today.

Costing less than $200, the Roomba is about the dumbest piece of intelligence ever to hit the market. Considering its boast as being smart enough to vacuum to an entire room, this robot vacuum cleaner has no eyes, no ears and no real brain. Instead sensors guide it around a room with its battery operated motor humming quietly until its preprogrammed time limit is reached, at which time it quits work.

Basically, circling the outside of this circular robot vacuum cleaner let it know when it is approaching step and to turn one way or the other. When it reaches a wall, it will turn and attempt to follow the wall until it runs into another obstacle, such as chair or table leg, at which time it turns and heads into another direction.

The size of the room, which you tell it by pressing one of three buttons, sets the robot vacuum cleaner on its merry way, beginning with a spiral movement. It will continue this path until an object intercedes and it turns to find a free route to clean. You can set it for a small room for 15 minutes, a medium room in 30 minutes, or a large room of 45 minutes. When the timer runs out, the robot vacuum cleaner simply stops where its timer stops.

Intelligent Life Has A High Price

This lack of apparent intelligent life is what makes this robot vacuum cleaner so inexpensive as others using true robotics in their design, can cost close to $2,000, which some believe may be more than a cheap maid. However, the newer robot vacuum cleaner lines either new to the market or still in development claim they will be able to spot a mess and clean it up without human interaction.

Until you can, or want to, afford one of the robot vacuum cleaner with real intelligence, you can always count on the dumbed-down model, which does make short work of typical dirt in a house. In addition to helping with the housework, it can also keep small, playful animals entertained while you relax or perform other duties a robot has yet to be designed to accomplish.

iRobot® Roomba® 4210 Discovery Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot® Roomba® 4210 Discovery Vacuuming Robot

STANDARD FEATURES. Active Dirt Detect. Stair Avoidance System. Surface Transitioning. Bagless Debris BinADDITIONAL FEATURES. Triple cleaning mode - Features three powerful cleaning modes: Clean, Spot and Max. Advance Power Supply (APS) Battery - Enables up to 120 minutes of continuous cleaning time. APS Fast Charger - Fully charges Roomba in less than 3 hours. 2 Virtual Wall Units - Uses an infrared beam to create a barrier so Roomba cleans where you want. 2 D batteries required per unit, not included. Standard Remote Control - Infrared remote lets you control standard Roomba functions from across the room.