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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner: Not Your Grandmother’s Vacuum Anymore

Your mother probably had a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner and it’s a good bet so did her mother. Kirby Vacuum cleaner has been a household name for over fifty years and it seems that each time they make changes it only gets better with each new addition and improvement. Today’s Kirby Vacuum cleaner is not made for your Grandmother’s home but your home.

Your grandmother probably continues to use her Kirby even today because she has taken advantage of their rebuild plan. Under warranty the Kirby Vacuum cleaner is replaced at no charge to the customer. If you have gone beyond the warranty then there is the rebuild plan that for a minimal charge you can have the motor rebuilt for as long as you own the vacuum.

Basic Features

The current Kirby Vacuum cleaner is part of the Ultimate G series. The accessories that are included with this product go beyond any usual vacuum. The basic Ultimate G comes with all the brushes and nozzles you might ever imagine to clean your house including a sprayer. Of course the most important thing to a Kirby Vacuum cleaner is the lack of dust being returned to the air in your home and for that reason they have now added a HEPA filter to their units. This unit still comes with a bag that has to be changed on a regular basis but with a bit of instruction this is a quick and easy task.

While the basic kit is plenty to simply removed dust from your home, you are still left with many chores that need to be covered including shampooing your carpets, waxing your kitchen floor or buffing your hardwood flooring. Your Kirby can take care of all of those chores with just a few additional accessories. Of course, the men love the sanding tool that can be added as well for all of those home improvement projects that require hand sanding. The sanding tool saves both time and energy and makes for a quick clean-up simply by changing attachments.

Kirby Vacuum cleaners are not sold in stores or online. While you may be able to purchase one with a local store or via the internet on sites such as eBay, they will not be covered by warranty or the rebuild plan. Any Kirby Vacuum cleaner purchased through anyone but an in-home salesperson is not a new Kirby Vacuum cleaner and the dealer is not authorized to sell this item.

To find a local distributor you can either go online to and select the request for demo link on the site or call customer relations at 1-800-437-7170 and they will send someone to demonstrate all the uses to the Kirby Vacuum cleaner in your home. You are more than welcome to vacuum your carpet before the salesperson arrives as they are confident you will be amazed by how much dust and dirt is still left behind in your carpet.