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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Made To Last Longer

Professional cleaning companies depend on the quality and durability of their equipment to stay in business and using an industrial vacuum cleaner gives then an extra edge in having it last longer as they are made for the heavy use a cleaning crew will demand.

Vacuums made for home use are designed to be used two or three times a week and usually not more than an hour or two at a time. An industrial vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is likely going to be used up to six or eight hours a day, as many as six, and sometimes seven, days a week. How they are used is usually rougher than a residential unit and they will probably be picking up things that you will not find on the floor in your home.

Industrial Vacuum CleanerWhile a residential unit may have on average 12 amps of power, an industrial vacuum cleaner can be rated as high as 300 amps for a floor-type unit and sometimes even higher for a central vacuum system. Many large office buildings with several floors will install a central industrial vacuum cleaner with over 300 amps of power so that all cleaning crews need to do is carry a hose around on their cleaning trips. All the noise and dirt is confined to an area, typically in the basement.

Commercial Cleaners Thrive To Keep Clean

One of the main priorities of a commercial cleaning company is to leave the areas clean and the type of industrial vacuum cleaner they use can help. A company using portable vacuum cleaners has their choice of a regular upright sweeper, canisters and industrial vacuum cleaners that come complete with a backpack. For heavy cleaning use, larger collection tanks, about the size of a 55-gallon drum on wheels, offer longer times between dumping of the tank as well as good mobility to move around the building.

The backpack style of industrial vacuum cleaner can be necessary if the cleaning crew is responsible for a lot of stairways where dragging a long hose of attempting to use an upright may not be feasible. Even a canister may be difficult, as well as heavy, to lug up and down steps.

Cleaning crews also have to ensure their industrial vacuum cleaner has an excellent filtering system to avoid spreading dust around an office while they vacuum. Many industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with a dual filter system to maintain over 99.5 percent of the dirt in the system.