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Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Bag Keeps Dust From Air

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Whether you use an upright, canister or handheld vacuum cleaner, its filtration system is an important element of its use. With a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag about 99 percent of the dirt, dust and pollen stays in the bag, not recalculated into the air.

When you vacuum a carpet, air is pulled in through the vacuum’s suction, along with all the dirt, dust and allergens it picks up along the way. While all this is pulled into a collection bag, or bagless container, the air has to go somewhere and it is usually sent back out into the room being vacuumed. A Eureka vacuum cleaner bag is designed to capture 99 percent of the smallest particles instead of having them go back into the air.

For allergy sufferers, having pollen, dust mites and other minute particles blowing around in the air can be harmful to their health and Eureka has developed new Eureka vacuum cleaner bags, which can remove those things down to .1 microns, effectively eliminating 99.7 percent of allergy-causing dust.

Keep Vacuumed Dirt In The Machine

With many vacuum cleaners, when the bag is full, a small amount of dirt will escape when the machine is turned on. With a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag this rarely happens as they are designed to hold the dirt in place even when full. The machine may not pick up as well, but the dirt stays where you want it to stay.

The Eureka vacuum cleaner bag is also easier and less messy to change as they are all self contained and the usual amount of dirt that gets loose while changing a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag is practically eliminated. Unlike a few of the high-priced vacuum cleaners you can obtain a new Eureka vacuum cleaner bag from most outlets that sell the brand’s vacuum cleaners instead of having to order them from the company.

New HEPA filtering technology keeps your home cleaner and helps eliminate many of the allergens that cause health problems, especially with people with breathing problems, and a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag used in conjunction with HEPA filtering can provide a healthier living space for them.

Canister vacuum cleaners using a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag, are capable of getting to the corners, even with wall-to-wall carpeting and not only do you have a cleaner carpet without the dust blowing back out through the filter, a Eureka vacuum cleaner bag can offer cleaner air in your house as well.