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Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Available For All Uses

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

With all the different makes and models of vacuum cleaners on the market today, it is confusing trying to make a decision as to which one to buy. Canisters, uprights, handhelds, rechargeable units and central vacuum systems are all available from different manufacturers, but there is a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that covers them all.

Dirt Devil was one of the first vacuum cleaner companies to incorporate a beater brush into a hand held corded vacuum cleaner. Its small size made it an ideal appliance for use on carpeted stair steps and in extremely small spaces, like under or behind furniture. The ability of this small Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to also work on automobile carpets made it a huge seller as a present for the handyman.

Rechargeable hand-held Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are also big around a house that has pets for picking up stray hair and dry food that accidentally becomes flipped over. For small jobs, there is nothing better than a hand held Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner They are also great for quick jobs in the car where a cord is not really convenient.

Dirt Devil Was Outgrowth Of Appliance Market

Vacuum cleaners were the first product made by Royal manufacturing in 1905, which later branched into other household appliances, but it was not until 1984 when the company was taken over by an investment firm that the name of Dirt Devil came into it own. Through a massive advertising and marketing campaign Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners spread into the household market and since the engineers have brought in a plethora of new cleaners.

The original corded hand vacuum cleaner that was introduced in 1984 remains one of the company’s biggest sellers, but the innovations for newer Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners has never stopped. The Kone hand-held Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is the newest rechargeable unit to hit the market. Named after its shape and available in several modernistic colors, it is claimed this rechargeable hand-held looks good enough to leave out as a decoration so that it is always ready for little disasters when needed.

The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner line also includes a central vacuum unit made specifically for recreational vehicles and large boats. While the vacuuming technology is strictly based on the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, the system is designed and installed by a different company.

Canister style Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are also on the market along with uprights vacuum cleaners and large commercial units.