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Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaner Offers Flexibility

While many appreciate the conveniences that come with using an upright vacuum, others prefer the flexibility and maneuverability available with a canister vacuum cleaner. Additionally, with more manufacturers seeing an increase in canister vacuum cleaner popularity, they are increasing filtering capabilities and improved filtering systems to help keep the air cleaner in the home.

A Canister Vacuum Cleaner also eliminates the need for a longer hose which is said to improve suction power as the shorter hose reduces the length the air has to be drawn through. Although a hose with a ratio of five to one is not uncommon and can be useful for using a canister vacuum cleaner for stairways. By leaving the canister at the bottom of the stairs for the first half and carrying it to the upper level for the top half, a canister vacuum cleaner does not have to be carried while trying the clean the steps.

Canister Vacuum CleanerMany upright vacuum cleaners have a larger cleaning head than the head on a canister vacuum cleaner, making it more difficult to fit behind or under furniture without the use of separate attachments. Typically, a canister has a head between 12 and 14 inches wide and can be maneuvered into tight spots and around furniture with ease.

Filtering Systems Vastly Improved

As more homeowners began to realize the amount of dust being blown back into their rooms using conventional vacuum cleaners, makers of upright units began adding better filters to their machines and it did not take long before manufacturers of canister vacuum cleaners embraced this technology.

Providing typical filter bag that trap up to 90 percent of the dust and pollen in a home while being vacuumed, coupled with HEPA filtering technology, many canister vacuum cleaners are capable of trapping over 99 percent of the allergens kicked up while a carpet is being cleaned.

Additional advantages of using a canister vacuum cleaner include that while vacuuming the user is not pushing around the total weight of the vacuum as with an upright. Even rechargeable upright vacuum cleaners are heavier than pushing the hose with a power head attached to a canister vacuum cleaner.

Another advantage is that attachments are usually carried inside the canister vacuum cleaner as opposed to being snapped on to the outside of an upright, Too many times with an upright unit the attachments get knocked off by the cord or the occasional use of the hose and end up getting lost or broken. This typically does not happen with a canister vacuum cleaner as the attachments are firmly placed inside the unit.

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