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Water System Vacuum Cleaner

Water System Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher DS-5500 Water System Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher DS-5500 4-Stage True HEPA Allergen Water Filter/Filtration Vacuum Cleaner DS5500, 1400W, up to 119 Cubic Feet of Air Suction per Minute, 19Lbs

If you suffer from allergies, meet your new best friend: The DS5500 Vacuum from Kärcher. Designed by our innovative engineers in Germany, the DS5500 boasts an impressive ability: it captures 99.99% of all particles larger than 0.3 μm (less than 1/100 the width of a human hair)!. This includes allergens such as pollen, fungus spores, dust mites, fine dust and bacteria. Using a normal vacuum cleaner, these allergens are often blown back into the air, where they can be inhaled and penetrate deep into the lungs. Thanks to the advanced technology of the DS5500, these allergens can now be safely removed without the use of harsh chemicals. The DS500 uses a four stage filtration system: a water bath, an auxiliary filter, a HEPA Plus filter and an exhaust filter. Most of the dirt is captured in the water bath. Here's how it works: Before you begin cleaning, you fill the vacuum's resevoir with two liters of water. As you vacuum, dirt and other contaminants are passed through the water bath where they are bound to the water. After vacuuming, you simply pour the dirty water down the drain!. There are no expensive bags to replace. In addition to the water bath, the three other filters ensure than even the tiniest of particles are also captured. In fact, the exhaust from the DS5500 is cleaner than the room air!. Clean your home and protect your family with the breakthrough cleaning power of the DS5500 Vacuum from Kärcher.

Thermax AF2 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaning System & Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Accessory Kit Combo, Made in USA - PRICE INCREASE 9/1/07

Thermax AF2 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaning System & Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Accessory Kit Combo, Made in USA

Combo includes:. Thermax AF2 Home Environment Water Filter Vacuum Cleaning System. Thermax AF2 Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Accessory KitThermax AF2. Allergy Free Air Purifier, Vacuum Cleaner and Wet Vacuum ALL-IN-ONE! Designed to replace conventional vacuum cleaners, not to compete with them. 99.99% Allergy-free. Lighter and more versatile. Vacuums, dusts, and mops. Air Purification System. Steam Cleaning Capabilities. 1 gallon recovery tank. 10 year warrantyAlthough 25% smaller than the AF1, the Thermax AF2 has the same powerful motor. The AF2 is recommended for environments that are primarily composed of hard floors. It is also excellent for cleaning area rugs and carpeting.Thermax has lead the way once again by redesigning and incorporating its revolutionary hot water extraction and water filtration technology into a lightweight, compact, easy to use home care system, the Thermax AF2. It will replace your traditional air purifier, vacuum cleaner, and steam cleaner, changing the way you clean forever! Thermax's Total Air Treatment. Water Wash. Deodorize & Sanitize. Aromatize. Vaporize. Humidify & Dehumidify Thermax's Home Environment Cleaning System. Drawbacks of Conventional Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers Standard Attachments. Patented 10ft. Electrified Vac Hose. Stainless Steel Telescopic Extension Wand. Upholstery Tool w/ Slide On Brush. Dusting Brush. Crevice Tool. Hard Surface Attachment. Motorized Dry Vacuum Head. Steam Cleaning / Removing StainsThermax's Total Air TreatmentWater Wash Because of your Thermax's patented design, you can now clean the air in your home just like nature. But rather than passing the water through the air with precipitation, we've even perfected nature, on a smaller scale of course, by passing all the air through the water. Because there are some components of house dust that are not water soluble such as microscopic particles of sheet rock and cement dust, your AF2 uses a unique double protection filtration system. Between the water, which is responsible for trapping 97% of the contaminants that enter your AF2, and our special urethane filter which traps the remaining 3%, your AF is the only system in the world that has an up to 100% allergy free operation. By running your AF2 to water wash your air for an hour once or twice a week, the dust content in your home will be dramatically reduced, cutting your cleaning time in half. Your A/C filters will last 3 times as long! Water also has the natural property of absorbing odors, so once the stagnant and recirculated air is trapped in the water, you pour the condition down the drain or outside and it is gone forever!Deodorize & SanitizeYou can use your AF2 with plain water for a fresh natural scent or add two capfuls of either Thermax's Aqua Blue or Valley Fresh to both deodorize and sanitize your air. Both solutions therapeutically cleanse your indoor environment, neutralizing any harmful germs and bacteria, leaving your home healthy and clean