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Roomba Floor Vac

Roomba Floor Vac

Convenient Automatic Floor Cleaner !

The Roomba Floor Vac has got to be the best robot invented. Now you can clean your floors while you sleep, shop or even watch as the Roomba does the work for you. This robotic cordless vacuum will roam around a designated area confined by a virtual wall. No vacuum bags to buy, just empty the dust bin. The Roomba can clean for 2 hours before it automatically returns to the charging dock station to be recharged.

The Roomba Discovery robotic floor vac is easy to use, but under the hood it's a complex robot featuring a high-efficiency particle vacuum and cleaning brushes that provide exceptional surface cleaning. It may be circular, but the Roomba Discovery still cleans edges and corners using its spinning side brush, which rotates outside the unit's housing diameter to gather debris from tough-to-reach spots, cleaning right up to the wall. The Roomba Discovery can detect concentrated dirt and will focus its cleaning with increased intensity on these areas. In addition, you can spot clean an area of three feet in diameter.

iRobot® Roomba® 4100 Roomba Floor Vac

iRobot® Roomba® 4100 Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Red

Entry-level robotic floorvac with dirt detection and infra-red cliff sensors. Auto adjusts to any floor surface; 2-hour continuous cleaning; easy-to-empty debris bin. Edge-cleaning sidebrush; stasis sensor; virtual wall for confining to designated area. Rechargeable APS battery, 7-hour charger, 1 virtual wall, and air filter included.